This Week's Stats .......

An interesting perspective on home sales from The Real Estate Board of Hamilton Burlington:


Hamilton RES New Listings:  240
Hamilton RES Sold Listings:  132
Hamilton RES Average sale price:  $470,189.00
Hamilton Commercial New Listings 33
Hamilton Commercial Sold Listings 4

Burlington RES New Listings:  78
Burlington RES Sold Listings:  51
Burlington RES Average sale price:  $663,176.00
Burlington Commercial New Listings 8
Burlington Commercial Sold Listings 2

Haldimand RES New Listings:  26
Haldimand RES Sold Listings:  16
Haldimand RES Average sale price:  $423,460.00
Haldimand Commercial New Listings 2
Haldimand Commercial Sold Listings 0

Niagara North RES New Listings:  24
Niagara North RES Sold Listings:  14
Niagara North RES Average sale price:  $643,990.00
Niagara North Commercial New Listings 2
Niagara North Commercial Sold Listings 0 


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