$97 Million KITEC Plumbing Settlement waiting to be claimed- Who gets it and how does it get disbursed?

In the late 90's and into the 2000's, KITEC plumbing was used in a lot of our local builds in Burlington, Hamilton and the GTA. If you look under your sinks and see blue and orange tubes, instead of regular copper or PVC pipes, there is a good chance it is KITEC. The problems are not those "pipes", it is the fittings and fixtures, that corrode and deteriorate over time. They were faulty and often times, need to be replaced. If you Google search, you can find the codes that are imprinted on these fittings, that were recalled. 

There was a class action lawsuit and a $120 million dollar settlement awarded. That money sits in trust, the $97 million left after sparse claims and legal fees, waiting to be claimed, and whatever isn't, will be returned to the manufacturers in the end. The article in the link explains a lot, and also notes why people are not acting on the claims. There are very minimal payments being sent, with the explanation that they will disburse what is leftover at the expiration date, by dividing it up and giving it to those who made claims. 

If you have the time and patience, there is a lot of paperwork to fill out and send in, but you may be eligible to receive a pay out. After all of the issues caused by this faulty plumbing, these funds belong to those who have KITEC, so the necessary repairs can be made, It certainly should not go back to the very source of the problems, the manufacturers of the faulty plumbing fixtures. 

If you need help determining whether you have the KITEC plumbing, we are here to help! You can reach out to the Daniella Aitken Team and we are happy to come and take a look, or let you know if you are in a home or condo that is known for having this type of plumbing. If we can't help, we can direct you to a home inspector or a plumber, who's professional experience can help you get the answers you need! 





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