February 2018

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Our Team works not just with Residential Resale Homes, we also work with clients on Investment Properties and Leasing as our services. There has always been a lot of confusion with leases, many questions that Landlords and Tenants leave to chance. A lease is a binding, legal agreement in writing. That said, anything that contravenes the Landlord Tenant Act, even if you have written it into a lease agreement, will be null and void. Our Landlord Tenant Act, in Ontario, and their laws, supersede anything we write into a lease agreement that is not per the Act. 

For example, the Act states that a Landlord is responsible to keep a property in a state of good repair, this includes, but is not limited to, lawn maintenance and snow removal. One of the

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    What will the year hold for the real estate market? Are we still in Seller's Market? Will home prices continue to rise? Are interest rates going to skyrocket? What is up with the "new" mortgage rules? We study the predictions and closely watch the patterns with what has been happening in the local market here in Halton & Hamilton Regions.

         After the craziness with Real Estate, this time last year, with the lowest inventory ever in the history of MLS, everyone is curious how 2018 is going to fair. We saw an increase of inventory suddenly in May 2017, that continued until November, and though prices did not drop, they stabilized holding the 25-30% increase in value, there were fewer sales happening. That said, 2017 was a record breaking year

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